Dance Day 2017 Performance Showcase Shout-Out

Congratulations to everyone who performed at this year’s Dance Day celebration! This was the biggest showcase yet, with pieces spanning a huge gamut of styles, from Bollywood to Ballet. Every single number was phenomenal and we had so much interest in the show that we could barely fit everyone in to watch! (Speaking of which – we clearly need a bigger stage for next year, so if you’ve got a connection to a space that would host a nonprofit event, we’d love to hear about it.)

In case you didn’t get ahold of a program insert listing all the pieces, we’re copying that information here along with some fabulous photos. You can also find video clips of all the performances here.

“Let Me Be Your Star” – Jazz by Philly Dance Fitness students under the direction of Beverly Holskin

  • Alaina McNaughton
  • Carolyn Bavington
  • Elena Andreyeva
  • Emily Bongiorno
  • Emily Pittenger
  • Kara Scartelli
  • Leah Strelzick
  • Margaret Mason
  • Megan McHugh
  • Michelle Last
  • Olivia Antsis
  • Rachel Salt
  • Sarah Clark
  • Theresa Cordovano

“Hana Makas ” – Egyptian Belly Dance by Roberto Mejia

“When Doves Cry” – Tap by Philly Dance Fitness students led by instructor Sherrilyn Billger

  • Colleen Seeber-Combs
  • Donna Gonzalez
  • Joan McIlhenney
  • Keri Smotrich
  • Kris Jaeger
  • Madeline Stolow
  • Michele Fiedler
  • Molly Benoit

“Tambor en el Alma ” – Cuban Son by Leilani Chirino & Michael Huang

“You Mine” – Hip-Hop music by King Tay, accompanied by improv dancer L-Mont

“Monster” – Hip-Hop by Philly Dance Fitness students led by instructor Trina Lyons

  • Amy Cha
  • Danielle Chase
  • Dimana Dintcheva
  • Janelle Young-Matias
  • Megan Gildin
  • Melanie Young
  • Melissa Hope
  • Morgan Schrankel
  • Marquita Farmer
  • Olivia Antsis
  • Rebecca Salus
  • Sally Nuamah
  • Shaniyra Scott
  • Tara Parvey
  • Tiffany Williams 

“Shape of You (Remix) ” – Semi-classical Bollywood Fusion by Teena Varghese

Bollywood Medley – by Philly Dance Fitness Bollywood Tech students led by Antima Marandola

  • Debleena Das
  • Disha Joshi
  • Gayathri Segar
  • Kalyani Joshi
  • Rachel Derita
  • Sana Iman

“Rise Up” – Pointe by Philly Dance Fitness students under the direction of Beverly Holskin

  • Alison Traweek
  • Atsuko Hanano
  • Carolyn Bavington
  • Danielle Harrsch
  • Elena Andreyeva
  • Elizabeth Maguire
  • Kara Scartelli
  • Maria Weinstock
  • Shannon Palermo 

“Chicago Medley” — Broadway Jazz by Deborah Hirsch & Gabrielle Bill

“Swish Swish” – Jazz Fusion by Philly Dance Fitness students led by Trina Lyons

  • Emily Bongiorno
  • Leah Mundy
  • Meghan Mchugh
  • Melissa Hope
  • Nikandra Shaffer
  • Sarah Babins
  • Saudia Bickley
  • Zina Oliver-Hardy 

“We’re All Dancing on a Cliff Together” – Structured Improvisation by stb x at

  • Sean Thomas Boyt
  • Dr. Andy Thierauf

“Machine Routine” – Contemporary under the direction of Natalie Flynn. Music by Drehz

  • Emma Morris
  • Hope Formica
  • Kelsey Winters
  • Natasha Gouty
  • Rebekah Glaude

“The Chain ” – Contemporary by Philly Dance Fitness students under the direction of Kayla Babicki

  • Brittany Weikel
  • Emily Bongiorno
  • Leah Strelzick
  • Margaret Mason
  • Sarah Clark
  • Theresa Cordovano 

“Argentine Tango Improvisation” – by Sarah Chung and Damian Lobato

“Unsteady but Unstoppable” –  Ballet by Philly Dance Fitness students under the direction of Beverly Holskin

  • Alison Traweek
  • Atsuko Hanano
  • Carolyn Bavington
  • Dana Ganiel
  • Danielle Harrsch
  • Elena Andreyeva
  • Elizabeth Birkhead
  • Elizabeth Maguire
  • Emily Movesian
  • Kara Scartelli
  • Kirwei Lo
  • Lindsay Brewster
  • Lora Hypes
  • Maria Weinstock
  • Michelle Last
  • Monica Zhang
  • Rachel Salt
  • Sarah Clark
  • Sean Kirwin
  • Shannon Palermo


The 8th Annual Thank-You Note

What an amazing celebration of dance!! According to our tallies, a record 591 people came out to Philadelphia Dance Day this past weekend. That’s a whole lotta dancing feet! Total workshop participation: 1,125 (also a record)!!!  We’ve posted some pictures from the daytime workshops here, as well as the evening event and some video clips from throughout the day.

This massive dancestravaganza would not be possible without our team of sponsors, partners and volunteers, so we’d like to thank them again:


  • Ballroom Bliss
  • CEG Performing Arts Academy
  • Eakins Oval
  • Estilo Dance Studio
  • Headlong Studios
  • Major Moment Studio
  • Philadelphia Ethical Society
  • Philly Dance Fitness
  • Sound Space
  • State Street Tribal


  • Beverly Holskin
  • Brittany Almquist
  • Chantel Thompson
  • Cristina Elena Guzman, assisted by a team of CEG students
  • Deborah Hirsch
  • Deeksha Seth
  • Dyann Paoline
  • Gloria Yiming Li
  • Jacqui Sadashige
  • Kayla Babicki
  • Kira Stein
  • Marc Longhenry & Genevieve Senechal
  • Marsha Fletcher
  • Michelle Krichilsky
  • Michael Huang & Leilani Chirino
  • Mike Andino
  • Myrna Dominique
  • Natalie Flynn
  • Pam Hetherington
  • Paula Phillips
  • Rebecca Narva
  • Ricky Evans
  • Roberto Mejia
  • Sarah Chung & Damien Lobato
  • Sean Thomas Boyt
  • Shannan Reese
  • Sharon Hughes
  • Sherrilyn Billger
  • Teena Varghese
  • Trina Lyons
  • Vonda Pearson
  • Yvonne Leung


  • HomeAdvisor
  • RedFin
  • Philly Dance Fitness
  • Ballroom Bliss
  • Sound Space
  • State Street Tribal
  • Eating for the Ecosystem
  • Merge Dance Studio
  • Wake Up Yoga

In addition to these sponsors, instructors and organizations, Philly Dance Fitness staff and a network of dedicated volunteers put countless hours of hard work into running this event. Special thanks to:

  • Deborah Hirsch, organizer of Philadelphia Dance Day and president of Philly Dance Fitness
  • Kirwei Lo, chairwoman of the inaugural Philadelphia Dance Day Advisory Board
  • Anne-Marie Mulgrew, project/education director of NextMove Dance, who assisted with developing new partnerships
  • The Philly Dance Fitness marketing team: director Gabby Bill, intern Emily Murphy and assistant Jennifer Schumann, who collaborated on social media outreach, fundraising, graphic design and more
  • Program designer Danielle Gray
  • Seth Weiner, sound engineer and technical support
  • Students and staff who volunteered to do set up, clean up and check-in throughout the day, including:
    • Beverly Holskin
    • Chuck Havranak
    • Gabby Bill
    • Kelsey Siano and Sameer
    • Kendra Moton
    • Nia Hammond
    • Roberto Mejia

And, last but of course not least, a huge thank you to everyone who boogied all day long with us! Relive the day by flipping through some photos and videos from the performances on our Facebook page. Please tag and share so we can get even more people dancing next year!

While you’re at it, mark your calendars now for next year’s Dance Day. As usual, it will be the last Saturday of the month, which is July 28, 2018. See you then!