The 9th Annual Thank-You Note

What an amazing celebration of dance!! According to our tallies, about 505 people came out to Philadelphia Dance Day this past weekend. (And that’s not even counting the nearly 40 instructors who volunteered to teach workshops throughout the day, or the 83 performers who graced the stage at the lunchtime and evening showcases!) That’s a whole lotta dancing feet. Total workshop participation: 881!

We’ve posted some pictures from the workshops and performances, as well as a few video clips from throughout the day. Special thanks to Adam Suh of Redlite Photography for shooting most of these images.

This massive dancestravaganza would not be possible without an equally massive team of sponsors, partners and volunteers, so we’d like to thank them again:


  • CEG Performing Arts Academy
  • Concierge Ballroom
  • Eakins Oval
  • Estilo Dance Studio
  • FringeArts
  • The Gershman Y
  • Headlong
  • Jazz Attack
  • Major Moment Studio
  • Nest Center City
  • Sound Space
  • State Street Tribal
  • University City Swing


  • Amanda Connor
  • Anita Ranjani
  • Anne-Marie Mulgrew
  • Ash Brightwell
  • Beverly Holskin
  • Chantel Thompson
  • Christina Sasso
  • Cristina Elena Guzman
  • Colleen Cheong & Tomas Delgado
  • Deeksha Seth & Teena Varghese
  • Fujima Nishiki-no (Helen Moss)
  • Greg Avakian & Laurie Zimmerman
  • Allyson Kacmarski
  • Jody Thigpen
  • Kathy Silvestri
  • Kayla Babicki
  • Lee-Ann Doncevic
  • Liz Giraldo (and crew!)
  • Michelle Krichilsky
  • Mike Andino
  • Natalie Flynn
  • Nia Andrews
  • Pam Hetherington
  • Paula Phillips
  • Rebecca Narva
  • Ricky Evans
  • Roberto Mejia
  • Sean Thomas Boyt
  • Trina Lyons
  • The Zumba crew: Dyann Paoline, Marsha Fletcher, Michael D’Ulisse, Rachel Back and Vonda Pearson


  • Philly Dance Fitness
  • Ballroom Bliss
  • Propel
  • Swan Dancewear
  • Merge Dance Studio
  • Plus “In-Kind” sponsors: Insomnia Cookies & Honest Tea

In addition to these sponsors, partner venues/organizations and instructors, a network of dedicated volunteers along with Philly Dance Fitness staff put countless hours of work into running this event. Shout out to:

  • Deborah Hirsch, organizer of Philadelphia Dance Day and president of Philly Dance Fitness
  • Kirwei Lo and Roberto Mejia, Dance Day co-chairs
  • Philly Dance Fitness interns Alexa Stutman and Courtney Summers, who collaborated on press outreach, social media marketing and program design
  • Seth Weiner, sound engineer and technical support
  • Students and staff who volunteered to do set up, clean up, check-in and other various tasks throughout the day, including:
    • Beverly Holskin
    • Blaire Monroe
    • Chuck Havranak
    • Jody Thigpen
    • Julia Enyart
    • Lin Lo
    • Meghan McHugh & Andrew
    • The Hirsch & Weiner families

And, last but of course not least, a huge thank you to everyone who boogied all day long with us!

Relive the day by flipping through some photos and videos from the performances on our Facebook page. Please tag and share so we can get even more people dancing next year!

While you’re at it, mark your calendars now for next year’s Dance Day. As usual, it will be the last Saturday of the month, which is July 27, 2019. See you then!