2019 Workshop Schedule

Check out the schedule from Dance Day 2019 to get an idea of what will be in store for our next event!

In an effort to encourage dancers to connect with each other, daytime workshops will be held at just a handful of venues around the city, including Plays & Players Theater on Delancey Street, where the festivities will continue into the evening with more workshops and the most eclectic, exciting performance showcase you’ve ever seen!

As in past years, please join as many workshops as you like! No need to pre-register, just show up ready to dance. Daytime workshops are free and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure your spot.

A one-time $10 donation is requested for the evening events and showcase at Plays & Players, which includes post-performance refreshments. This donation will be collected starting at 5 p.m. For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

*Schedule is subject to change, please refer to this site for the most up-to-date information*

Plays & Players Theater

1714 Delancey Place

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9 a.m. to~~9:45 a.m.,Hip-Hop,Get your heart rate going with easy to follow cardio warm-up routines incorporating funk\, house\, locking and street styles\, then show off your swagger as you build a progressive choreography. Led by Philly Dance Fitness instructor Ricky “Glytch” Evans\, who also performs nationally with the Hoodlockers crew. Suitable for all levels\, including beginners.

10 a.m. to~~10:45 a.m.,American Tribal Style Belly Dance,Experience this improvisational program developed by FatChanceBellyDance®\, which fuses folkloric styles from many countries. Paula Phillips\, who directs State Street Tribal\, Philadelphia’s FatChanceBellyDance® “sister studio\,” will teach “level 1” steps as well as group formations and improvisational cueing.

11 a.m. to~~11:45 a.m.,Dance Party Boot Camp,This class weaves explosive\, athletic exercises into dance routines so you almost forget how hard you’re working. Almost. Join Timaree Schmit of  Philly Dance Fitness for this seriously fun\, seriously kick-butt High-Intensity Interval Training workout.

12 p.m. to~~12:45 p.m.,Lunchtime Performances,Meet other fellow dance-lovers as you break for lunch and enjoy a half-hour of live “pop-up” performances.

1 p.m. to~~1:45 p.m.,House Party Fitness,The music is pumpin’\, the bass is pounding and you just don’t want this dance party to end! Jam along to the hottest urban music from hip-hop (old and new school)\, house\, Top 40\, R&B\, electronic and reggaeton. In addition to cardio hip-hop routines\, class may include resistance training intervals designed to strengthen the arms\, lower body and core. Taught by Liz Giraldo and crew.

2 p.m. to~~2:45 p.m.,Diva Pop,Bring on the attitude in this jazz fusion class! Dance through several cardio routines\, then take the lead role in your own music video as you learn a progressive choreography and serve it up with a big side of pop star sass! Taught by Jody Thigpen of  Philly Dance Fitness.

3 p.m. to~~3:45 p.m.,Contemporary,Release your creativity as you suspend\, spiral and sweat in this liberating lyrical class. The choreography will include movements adaptable to most levels\, as well as leaps\, kicks\, spins and rolls that more experienced dancers can layer in. Taught by Kayla Babicki of Philly Dance Fitness.

4 p.m.~~4:45 p.m.,Zumba*,Zumba fuses Latin and international rhythms with easy-to-follow steps into a fitness class that feels more like a dance party than a workout. All ages welcome! Led by Vonda Pearson\, Gloria Yiming Li\, Rachel Back and Dahlia Silberg.

5 p.m.~~5:45 p.m., Philadelphia Dance Day Hip-Hop Master Class*,Warm up with easy-to-follow cardio pop and hip-hop routines\, then piece together a “stage-worthy” progressive combination. Open to all ages. Adults must accompany children under age 14. With instructors Ricky Evans and Brittany Almquist of Philly Dance Fitness.

6 p.m.~~6:45 p.m.,Salsa,If you love going out dancing\, salsa is an essential. Learn the basic step\, cross-body lead\, spins and more in this intro course. Led by Deborah Hirsch of Ballroom Bliss.

8:30 p.m. to~~10:30 p.m.,Performance Showcase*,From ballet to flamenco to Bollywood\, you’ll be treated to a kaleidoscope of dance at this hallmark showcase. In addition to instructors and students from participating studios\, you’ll also see a few pieces from semi-professional dancers.

10:30 p.m. to~~11:30 p.m.,Social Hour,Enjoy post show refreshments\, meet fellow dance enthusiasts and perhaps even practice some of the moves you learned throughout the day. Or\, head upstairs to check out the private cash bar operated by Plays & Players members.

Plays & Players Theater — Skinner Upstairs Studio

1714 Delancey Place, 2nd Floor

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10 a.m. to~~10:30 a.m.,Creative Movement and Acrobatics for Kids (Ages 5-10)*,Using upbeat music and movement games\, children will be encouraged to move with confidence and strength; learning and having fun all at once! Taught by Cristina Guzman of CEG Performing Arts Academy.

10:30 a.m. to~~11 a.m.,Family Hip-Hop*,A dance party for all ages featuring easy to follow routines set to upbeat hip-hop and pop songs. Parents must accompany children under age 10 and are more than welcome to dance along with older kids\, too! Led by Cristina Guzman of CEG Performing Arts Academy.

11 a.m. to~~11:45 a.m.,Latin Partner Dancing,Learn the basics of Latin partner dances like bachata and merengue. Layer in a few spins and you’ll be ready to take your skills to the social dance floor in no time. Led by Cristina Guzman of CEG Performing Arts Academy.

12 p.m. to~~12:45 p.m.,Pop-Up Performances/Lunch Break,Head down to the main theater to check out live performances from local instructors and student groups.

1 p.m. to~~1:45 p.m.,Irish Dance,Challenge your legs and your brain in this introduction to the traditional dance forms of Ireland. Learn the difference between jigs\, reels and hornpipes as well as foundational steps that fit with each. Taught by Chrissy Zeo.

2 p.m. to~~2:45 p.m.,Improvisation,Explore how your body seeks to express itself naturally. Start with smaller movements\, then gradually move more broadly with varied prompts (traveling\, level-change\, speed\, etc). The workshop will finish with a look into partnered improvisation and a brief “jam” to experiment with the performance aspect of improv. Led by Sean Thomas Boyt.

3 p.m. to~~3:45 p.m.,Body Jam*,This addictive Les Mills cardio program fuses the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds\, putting the emphasis as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat. Instructors Christina Sasso and Cat Liu will teach you to move with attitude as you build a choreography\, so get front and center\, and get high on the feeling of dance!

4 p.m.~~4:45 p.m.,Tap Tonic,Stomp\, shuffle and spin into shape in this tap fitness program. The steps are basic enough for any beginner\, yet fast enough to challenge those with tap experience. Tap shoes are not necessary\, but wear them if you have them! With Pam Hetherington\, owner of Sound Space Studio who also sometimes teaches at Philly Dance Fitness.

5 p.m.~~5:45 p.m.,West Coast Swing,Groove to contemporary music with this smooth\, elastic partner dance style. Kiya Govek and Tom Borgese from University City Swing will teach the basics of this fun\, modern social dance.

6 p.m.~~6:45 p.m.,Blues 101,With a myriad of sub-styles and a storied culture\, this improvisational dance is a glimpse of artistic expression through periods of slavery\, minstrelsy and early jazz. Building from a step-touch basic through complex rhythms\, isolations and body shapes\, Genevieve Senechal of the volunteer-run Powerhouse Blues will give you a foundation to explore this piece of American history on the dance floor.

7 p.m.~~7:45 p.m.,Intro to Swing,This timeless and upbeat partner dance is a staple in anyone’s repertoire\, building rhythmic awareness and partner connection. Jazz Attack instructors Nick Cruickshank & Madeline Dahlin will break down the foundational movements used in East Coast Swing and Lindy\, and have you (lindy-) hopping for joy in no time. No partner or prior experience required.



Major Moment Studio

1624 South St.

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9 a.m. to~~9:45 a.m.,NIA,Discover the joy of movement in this fusion class that combines movement from dance\, martial arts and the healing arts. Bring your mind\, body and spirit to find joy in moving your body\, your way. Led by licensed NIA instructor Rebecca Narva.

10 a.m. to~~10:45 a.m.,Lyrical Contemporary,Join Natalie Flynn in this contemporary class based in modern jazz with the influence of ballet. You’ll focus on strong legwork\, releasing the torso\, floor work\, musicality and grounded movements.

11 a.m. to~~11:45 a.m.,Jazz,Join Kayla Babicki for this joyful fusion class incorporating jazz technique (pirouettes\, kicks\, jetes\, etc.) along with cardio! Jazz or dance shoes preferred\, but sneakers will work as well.

12 p.m. to~~12:45 p.m.,Lunch break

1 p.m. to~~1:45 p.m.,Ballet Basics,Build up an understanding and practice of classical ballet in this absolute beginner program designed specifically for adults brand new to ballet. Beverly Holskin of Philly Dance Fitness  will take you through the fundamentals: positions\, vocabulary\, foundational steps\, placement\, musicality and more. Wear socks if you don’t have ballet slippers.

2 p.m. to~~2:45 p.m.,Cardio Dance Party*, Wanna feel fit and fabulous? Join Allyson Kacmarski and Jacqui Sadashige for a “workout” that’s simple and fun but never boring. Unleash your inner diva as you shake\, shimmy\, and strut your stuff across the dance floor! All levels welcome\, no experience needed!

3 p.m. to~~3:45 p.m.,Striptease,Leave your inhibitions behind during this racy striptease dance class. Warm-up with isolations and follow-the-leader routines to get the heart pumping\, then piece together a series of sexy moves to build a hotter-than-hot combination. Ages 18 and up. With Deborah Hirsch of Philly Dance Fitness.



1170 S Broad Street

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10 a.m. to~~10:45 a.m.,Vixen Workout,Connect mind and body in this fusion of hip hop\, pop and Latin dance. Instructor Dani Lespinasse will create a club-like atmosphere with stage lighting to help lower inhibitions and make it feel like you’re having a girls’ night out. Experience an emotional release and sense of community as you work up a sweat.

11 a.m. to~~11:45 a.m.,Belly Dance,Tone your core as you lift\, pop\,undulate and shimmy muscles you never even knew you had. Dance Day co-chair Roberto Mejia will warm you up with a series of nonstop follow-the-leader routines\, then break down hip lifts\, undulations\, shimmies and other fundamentals of Egyptian style belly dance.

2 p.m. to~~2:45 p.m.,Bhangra,Get in a workout as you practice the basics of this high energy Indian dance style originating from the state of Punjab. Expect lots of big movements\, shoulder shrugs and high knees. Instructor Devika Gupta has trained in Indian classical dance and was the captain of her college Bollywood and Bhangra dance teams.

3 p.m. to~~3:45 p.m.,Bachata,Learn the fundamental steps\, timing\, rhythm and lead/follow patterns of this partner dance from the Dominican Republic that’s taken the world by storm. Instructors Watson Saintsulne and Paola Gonzalez bring Caribbean flavor straight from the island!


Note: For any social dancing workshops, no need to bring a partner because you’ll rotate around to practice with everyone.

*Suitable for all-ages. Dancers under age 14 must be accompanied by an adult.