More Than 500 Dancers in 2014!

Who would have thought that after five years, we would continue to break new records on Dance Day?!! About 525 people came out to dance on July 26. That’s 75 more than last year!!! Total workshop participation: 896.

That’s a lot of dancing.

This whole crazy dancestravaganza would not be possible without the help of our sponsors, partners and volunteers, so we’d like to thank them one more time:

  • PA Virtual Charter School
  • Professional Women’s Roundtable
  • Baum’s Dancewear
  • Real Time Pain Relief
  • Art in Motion
  • Christian Street YMCA,
  • Headlong Studios
  • Lindy and Blues (LAB)
  • Major Moment Studio
  • Modero Dance Company
  • Philadelphia Dance Academy
  • Studio 1831
  • Independent instructors including Sarah Chung & Damien Lobato, Diamond Edmonds and Ross Toporski & Sophie Cazeneuve
  • Alexander Kish
  • Alison King
  • Cheryl Weiner
  • Chuck Havranak
  • Darrell Speirs
  • Joy Cannon
  • Kendra Moton
  • Kirwei Lo
  • Molly Pekula
  • Tori Crumbie
  • Zara Turner
  • Zhenia Bemko
Extra special thanks to:
  • Danielle Gray, who designed the programs
  • Beverly Holskin, who spent countless unpaid hours choreographing and rehearsing with her students to perform in the evening showcase. Many of them are adults who have been training just for fun, and this was the very first time they performed for an audience.

Relive the day here by flipping through some photos from the daytime workshops and evening event, as well as videos from the performances.

And, of course, mark your calendars now for Dance Day 2015. As usual, it will be the last Saturday of the month, which is July 25. See you then!

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